Monday Musings

Well, it’s cold and wet today, so I feel totally justified in making this.


This is my personal chili recipe, which pretty much consists of tossing a bunch of stuff into a slow cooker and leaving it on all day, so I don’t think I’ll post the recipe for now. My house smells amazing, though. I’m going to make some cornbread muffins in a few to go with it.

I need comfort food right now, you guys. I worked a few different events this weekend, so I needed the quiet I enjoyed for much of today. Christmas Village is in town, and that’s HUGE. Which brings me to two things…

Birmingham Parking

I’m trying to figure out what the deal is with the Birmingham Parking Authority and several of their lots and parking garages– in particular, the ones with electronic machines designed to give a parking pass and then charge you on the way out. These stations also accept credit cards. Great, right? Well, it would be, but the BPA insists on setting people out front of these buildings or lots who then collect CASH ONLY for parking before letting you through. I carry very little if any cash on me, and I’m not exactly a weirdo for that. They’ll also block the machines, not letting you use those. Here’s my question… If the BPA gets their $8 for parking regardless, why does it matter if I use the machine instead? Why is there a need for people to be sitting out there taking cash instead? I always wonder if these guys are legit or if there’s some sort of scam going on. Just let people use the damn machines, okay? Also consider… Some of us can get our parking tickets validated. The parking at Uptown is an example. There’s also the Boutwell garage and the garage for Westin Hotel. So far, I haven’t seen them block the Westin, but for anyone who is going to eat at Uptown or who might be visiting City Hall and can get parking validated, blocking the machines and demanding $8 in cash is demanding money they’re not owed, but suckers will pay it anyway. I’ve demanded to use the machine before because I was supposed to have my parking validated, and while they’ll eventually relent, they do get very nasty about it.

Seasonal Jerks

Full disclaimer… I’m a Christian. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. But I’m not one of THOSE people, and the fact that I have to specify that as soon as I state that I’m a Christian annoys the ever loving crap out of me. You know the ones to whom I’m referring. There’s always a certain segment of the population that, in the name of Christ, insists that a war has been declared on Christmas, and they’ll use the most absurd examples to back this up. Case in point, this guy.

If I have to explain to you why this is an utterly ridiculous argument, then you’re probably already beyond help. The previous cups had things like Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen, and Santas on them. NONE of that has anything to do with Christ or Christianity. Not to mention, Starbucks sells a Christmas blend and advent calendars. Discount Fred Durst is also mistaken that Starbucks employees are forbidden from saying, “Merry Christmas,” and even if he wasn’t, that’s not a policy that their service employees have a say in. You’ve not “tricked” anyone, buddy. The baristas aren’t your personal dress code police, so nobody cares what you’re wearing as long as you’re covered. Nobody cares about your gun unless you walk into the store looking like you stepped away from ISIS training or start waving your Glock in the air like a moron.

My take on this as a Christian? I think this picture says it best.


There’s also this post that I stumbled on earlier today. Wow… Love this guy. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’m a little bit relieved to see that most people using the #MerryChristmasStarbucks hash are sensible and calling this out for the attention grabbing bovine excrement it is. Faith in humanity… restored a little bit.

On to lighter things…

I can’t get this song out of my head, and I fully blame Netflix for that. The slower version really seems to work with the wet, cold, and quiet of today.

Oh, and when I got home from school pickup, this had arrived…


That e.l.f. order has several new products, by the way. I’m also working on a review for Stitch Fix. I’ve already tried everything on and taken pictures. I’ll post the review after I’m done sending feedback and checking out. I also use Trendsend, though not as often. I’ll absolutely be doing a review on that when I order another one. My Julep came in while I was working this weekend, and I already tried out the new shimmery pink nail treatment. Love. I also swapped in their face oil on this box. Also love.


Speaking of e.l.f. I totally forgot to mention that their holiday sets are currently on sale on today (11/9/15) only, and if you’re a red card holder, you get an extra 5% off on top of that. Plus… FREE SHIPPING! So if you’ve been meaning to pick one of these up, now’s the time. Grab it here.


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