Tweaks and Bumps

You’ll probably notice more than a few changes around here.

For one thing, I finally changed the name of the blog to something a bit more memorable. Don’t freak out on me. I’m keeping the old URL, so nobody’s going to get lost. And since I’m not JUST doing reviews, I figured I’d go ahead and link my main Twitter and Instagram accounts instead of having one exclusive to this blog. You’ll see a bit more of ME instead of just “me.” At some point I’ll probably create an account on that Book of Faces monstrosity, but for now that’s going to remain separate from the one I use to pretend I’m behaving for the sake of my parents and in-laws.

So anyway…

I was going to name this place “Candy for Breakfast”, but the name was taken.

That’s pretty much what I had. There’s a garbage bag full of candy in my kitchen right now, and it’s the easiest thing to grab. Damn you, Halloween, because without you I’d be eating a lovely poached egg and whole wheat toast with a side of fruit!

Yeah, my breakfast is pretty much whatever I grab before I break down into tears because I’m awake before noon. I’m in my 30s. You’d think I’d have adjusted to normal human being hours by now. Nope.

So anyway, I went with this instead. It’s just as accurate. I’d show you a picture of my office, but no. It’s embarrassing. I’d say that it looks like a tornado came through here, but a tornado would make it more organized. At some point, everyone in my house decided that my office would be the dumping ground for stuff we have that has nowhere else to go. I keep trying Flylady and then giving up after a week or two because I have several days in a row where I’m pretty much at work during all of my waking and available hours, it tosses me off schedule, and then I give up. I’ll eventually get sick of the state my house is in and start the cycle over.

I guess that’s Step 1. I’ve admitted I have a problem. I’ve recognized why I fail. I’ll move on to Step 2 and figure out a solution at some point. Just not today.

Did I mention I also put the PRO in procrastination?