A Tale of Three Lip Colors

Long wear lip colors are one of those things I love and hate at the same time. I wear dark lipstick colors and neutral eyes when I’m wearing glasses, which is most of the time. The unfortunate side effect of wearing dark colors is that it has to stay perfect. If I so much as get a hair stuck to my lips and brush it out of my face, it can leave a thin, red trail over my chin. Don’t get me started on eating with red lipstick on. Most times, there’s a ritual of removing whatever lipstick I’m wearing, eating, then reapplying, and I’m constantly checking my face to make sure I don’t have any embarrassing lipstick migration. (Oh, and dark colors have a tendency to stain the skin, so if I do get a smear here or there, chances are I’m breaking out some concealer, too.)

So long wearables are great in that they stay put and, when I’m eating, I don’t have to look at a gross, goopy smear of red all over my fork and drinking glass. What I hate about them are two things: the dry feel of them and the way they wear off the minute you try to remedy that. I will never get used to my lips feeling dry, and I hate having to suck it up and deal when I want my makeup to stay put. If ever I find a lipstick that can truly be both long wear AND moisturizing, I’ll give the company that makes it all of my money.

All. Of. My. Money.

So here’s a brief comparison of three such lipsticks in my collection, what I love about the, and what I hate about them. I’m also going to toss in a bonus review of e.l.f.’s new lipstick remover, which I just got this week.

CoverGirl Outlast All Day Two Step Lipcolor $7

81tpySAof+L._SY679_I have bought a few of these over the years, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I keep putting myself through this. This is probably the first brand of long wear I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot, but I thought I’d feature it because of all the drugstore brands this seems to work best for me. Now, I won’t say it works great for me. It simply just works as well as any other drugstore brand, if not a little better, which isn’t really saying much. I keep wondering if there’s some new trick I can try that will make this work as wonderfully for me as everyone claims it does for them. So far, I’ve had no such luck

The last one I got wasn’t necessarily my fault. Walmart sent me one in a subscription box over the summer. Technically I purchased it, but I didn’t pick it out. The color was flattering on me, so I kept it. This one is #512, though I’ve had it so long I’m unsure of the color name.

2015-10-26 20.48.28
Ignore the fact that I applied this horribly. It was late.

This has just a bit of shimmer to it without the topcoat, but I do run into that weird tight and cakey feeling. The top coat does stay on a lot better than other formulas I’ve tried, but I’ve found that even this still flakes off after an hour or two.

e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain $3

11379_82508_900px_new46803.95.jpg.46803.95This isn’t so much new as it is new to me. I hadn’t tried it before this week. It’s mostly because I had no idea it existed until e.l.f. posted about them on their Instagram account, which I stalk these days. I’m always hopeful that I’ll run into a brand that gets it right, and I love e.l.f.’s reds, so I figured I could part with $3.

On first try, I simply applied the color and left it matte for several hours. It never transferred or flaked, and it stayed a gorgeous color of red. I was pretty impressed at how great it stayed looking, actually. It even held up to a greasy corn dog and some pizza. It did not, however, hold up to the gloss. Even as I applied the gloss, the color was rubbing off onto the applicator, and it went from a long wear matte to a highly transferable glossy red. While it was pretty, the feel is no better or worse than others. I’d probably still buy more if there were other shades I liked, but I still find myself wishing that I could have it all.

2015-10-26 20.46.56
Matte, without the gloss topcoat.
2015-10-26 20.29.55
With the gloss.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick $17

71aUxpi3bBL._SY679_I got a sample of this in my October Glam Bag from Ipsy in Committed, and the first thing I’m going to note about this stuff is the smell. It reminds me of Girl Scout Cookies– the Thin Mints. So now I want Thin Mints when I wear this. The mint in the formula even tingles on the lips when you put it on.

The color is neutral and flattering for just about any skin tone, but it’s almost a nude for me and not really what I’d use a long wear formula for. I’m not as paranoid about my nude/natural colors.

This is really pretty when I put it on, and it is a true matte lipstick. On my first try, it did in fact stay all day with just a little bit of flaking onto my napkin after I ate my dinner. I never reapplied it. I even fell asleep wit my makeup on, and it was still there the next morning. So it definitely delivers on both color and staying put. So yeah, I’d probably pay $17 for a full size in a darker shade.

2015-10-26 20.49.31

Of course, like all products of its kind, I simply couldn’t get used to the feel of it on my lips. It was just as heavy and dry as all the cheaper products.

e.l.f. Studio Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover $3

15637_86013_a_900px59425.79.jpg.59425.79This is actually a new item from e.l.f. While I’m a huge e.l.f. fangirl, I should think by now it’s obvious as to why I’d want to give this a try. It’s easy enough to remove liquid lipstick with a little baby oil, but I still end up getting stains leftover on my lips when I wear darker shades.

How did it work? Well, it took away all traces of red after a full night of dark lipstick. Now, here’s where I also joke that the gloss that came with my e.l.f. stain was probably the secret behind the formula, but I won’t complain. This actually does what it’s supposed to do.

I actually received another long wear lipcolor in my Target Beauty Box today, so I’ll give that a try. It claims to have long wear AND be moisturizing. We’ll see. Someone also recommended the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and their new Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. I’ll give those a try the next time I’m grabbing lipsticks and hopefully the later of those will be in stock. Meanwhile, I’ll try the Revlon and see how it works out. If I’m impressed, I’ll write about it.

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  1. I like elf, but wasn’t too impressed with the lip stains unfortunately. However the shades are lovely!!


    1. It honestly wasn’t my favorite, but only due to the transfer after adding the gloss. I’m a fan of the color itself, but I already have their essential lipstick in a very similar if not identical red. They do look really good on, though. I like the look of the one from The Balm, too.

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