Annie’s Homegrown Organic Star Pasta & Chicken Soup


This, obviously, was one of the free items included in the box I recently got from Influenster. I’ll eat any variation of chicken noodle soup all day long, and so will my daughter, so this was an easy test and review.

I’m not really into the whole organic, free-range, half-gluten, all-natural, no-fillers, no-flavor thing. I like salt, sugar, fat, fillers, meat, chemicals and anything else that tastes good, as is evidenced by my non-supermodel waistline, so I’ll skip past that and jump right into the packaging, which Annies gets kudos on. I’ll admit that when I first saw the carton I groaned and grabbed my scissors. Then I actually read the box and followed the instructions. You basically just give it a pinch, fold along a perforation, and then tear off the top. It sounds more complicated than it is. It’s super easy, and I appreciate that next time I won’t grab my can opener or a knife or anything.

As to taste… My daughter and I will have to agree to disagree here. She loved it and even asked that I get this instead of her regular chicken noodle. I’m okay with that. For me, and I’m guessing this is because I’m an adult, I prefer more substance. I want veggies. I want big chunks of chicken. This… Well, this didn’t really have any of that.

As you can tell from the picture, the only real thing you can even see aside from Cheddar Bunnies is chicken stock. It’s a decent chicken stock, albeit a little boring for something with so much sodium, but I really want to see the stuff in the soup. You do eventually get to it, but even then the bites are so small that I don’t even have to chew, feeding into my original thought that this is more for kids than for adults. But could it have killed them to add a few soft bites of carrots? As an aside, the Cheddar Bunnies I ended up buying to go with this were actually pretty good. I’m sitting here snacking on them right now as I type this.

I think at the end of the day I’d just rather give this to my daughter and grab a can of Progresso for myself.

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