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I’m one of those people who really doesn’t spend a lot of money on mascara. My current favorites are both e.l.f. mascaras and cost $2 and $3. After all, I’m not going to spend a lot of money on something I’ll toss every month or two. I have long, dark eyelashes all on my own, so I don’t need any bells and whistles. But I do subscribe to a lot of beauty boxes, and so I get a lot of mascaras sent to me. I just set them aside and wait until I toss my current mascara before swapping to a new one. I have three unopened tubes as I’m writing this, and I never purchased any of them at the store.

The Super Sizer was sent to me in (I think) a Target beauty box back in August. I’m not entirely sure. Obviously, since I paid for the box, nobody sent me a free product, and nobody’s paying me to write this. And that’s probably for the best because I’m about to say something I’ve never said about a mascara.

I freaking hate this mascara.

Mascara is so simple and easy to do right. Just darken my lashes, thanks. Keep ’em from clumping up into spikes. That’s it, really. I understand other people with lighter or shorter lashes have other needs, but I can make almost any mascara work because those are the only two things I need from a mascara.

This… Okay, let’s start with the wand. Whoever thought it was a good idea to switch from brushes to these short, barely there spiky bristles needs to be sacked. These make it nearly impossible for me to comb through my lashes and separate them. Instead, I get clumps. Big clumps. Covergirl suggests you learn some specialized twirling trick to get it to work right, but honestly… This is ridiculous.

And it’s not just the brush! The formula itself dries super quick, meaning you get LOTS of product clumps– which are even harder to get out because your eyelashes are stuck in clumped spikes that your eyelash comb can’t get through and the spikes on the wand make it worse. Oh, and this isn’t for extended wear– as in, it won’t wear for longer than a couple of hours. After that, it flakes off. These aren’t little flakes, either. These are huge flakes that look like I was standing too close to a bonfire and had some cinders land on my cheeks.

I’ve never tossed a tube of mascara in less than a month. This stuff lasted about two weeks before I got fed up and moved to the next one.


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