Ghirardelli Squares Fall Assortment

It’s that time of year, again! School is starting, swimsuits are on clearance, and EVERYTHING has pumpkin spice! This is not a bad thing. I’m a pumpkin spice junkie.

I hate shopping at Walmart, but I was in the same parking lot as one today and too lazy to drive across town to Publix, so I checked out the seasonal candy. (I’ve been trying to get my hands on the fall Peeps, but I’ve had no luck so far.) The shelves were sparse, but some items seemed to be trickling in, and I found these:

Ghirardelli Squares Fall Assortment
This is how I’m going to get fat, and I’ll enjoy every bite.

I can’t honestly tell you how many individually-wrapped squares were in this bag because I started eating t hem in the car like a good little chocoholic, but here’s the breakdown on the flavors:

Milk & Caramel

Chances are that if you’re not stranger to Ghirardelli Squares, you’re already familiar with this flavor. It’s nothing special for fall, but it’s still delicious. I mean, just look at this:

Melty goodness!
Melty goodness!

That is the golden sheen of sugar that has been burned to perfection (A.K.A. caramel)! The chocolate is Ghirardelli’s signature milk chocolate. It has a smooth and creamy texture, and it’s tooth-wiggling sweet. As you bite into the square, the caramel oozes out. It’s messy, and it’s glorious. Save at least one of these to eat while drinking a nice, hot cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee…


The Mocha is one I’m unfamiliar with, but again we’re starting with milk chocolate. The inside isn’t gooey like with the caramel, but it’s still delicious.– dark chocolate meets coffee with some crispy bits. This one is harder to consume in mass quantities. It’s very rich, so you’ll want to go easy.

And finally…

Pumpkin Spice Caramel

Ghirardelli Squares in Pumpkin Spice Caramel

This takes the caramel square I mentioned above and adds those familiar and beautiful flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc to the filling. I could wrap myself in a blanket of this stuff and then eat the blanket! I saved one for my chai latte tomorrow morning, but the rest of these disappeared quick.

I tend to not allow myself more than one package of a seasonal candy at a time, mostly because if it’s in my house I’ll eat it. This was worth the calories.